[title size=”1″]Fire Consultancy[/title]

Fire Risk Assessments
These assessments are to ascertain and identify all fire risks and hazards, and recommendations to minimise the risks and hazards. All fire risk assessments will be carried out by a “competent person”. We can provide a fire risk assessment that gives your business an action plan which actively works towards reducing the chances of fire.


Rational Fire Designs
Rational fire design is the detailed design of fire safety and prevention mechanisms and strategies in a building in order to comply with the National Building Fire Safety regulations, where prescriptive deemed-to-satisfy rules cannot be applied. A rational design is carried out in conjunction with the National Building Regulations, SANS 10400 codes and the Relative Local Authority By-Laws and Legislation.Where deemed-to-satisfy regulations cannot be applied, a rational fire design together with the relevant calculations will be carried out and presented to the local authorities for approval.


Project Management
Phoenix Fire Protection Phoenix Fire Protection ensures that any fire project it is involved in is managed from the beginning to the end and ensures that all aspects of the specifications are fully complied with upon commissioning and hand over.